Customer relationship management systems

Centralized client management may improve quality of service significantly and simplify operating processes of your company. Modern CRM-systems help to store almost every kind of contact information and maintain a client communication log as well as to store not only usual electronic data but also phone calls and correspondence.

Our specialists already have experience of development of basic systems for storing information concerning customers and suppliers from scratch. Nevertheless, none of these systems could not be compared with functionality and customization possibilities of Dynamic CRM, a standard Microsoft product.

It's clear to see that Dynamics CRM is a universal platform that can be taken as a base for every computer system. The major advantage of Dynamics CRM is a flexible service architecture and very simply extending functionality that can be used without any programming knowledge. Moreover, this system includes rich contact and product management functionality, helps to plan and execute marketing campaigns and also to perform service and invoice customers. A unique level of integration with Microsoft Office products and Microsoft SharePoint Docflow management system makes Dynamic CRM an obvious choice for companies that actively use Microsoft products.

Our specialists were certified by Microsoft IT Professionals for Dynamics CRM program. We'll easily find an optimal solution for you to integrate and extend basic functionality of this system to meet requirements of your company.