Nowadays, in the conditions of tough competition in the sphere of online trading, it’s not enough just to possess some usual web-shop available online. Besides of common functionality, a competitive product must be well-optimized for the search services and also allow to place orders quickly and send them to the business management system to be processed. Absence of this synchronization is a problem faced by the majority of standard web shops that work with own databases.

As a solution to this problem, we provide a special toolbox Optiprice® that carry out real-time data control: it allows to take product data from your ERP-system and transit them to one or more recipients that are supposed to be your web-shops and marketplaces.

It’s also a mistake to miss the point of the “giants” that have won the huge part of the market of online trading like Amazon and Ebay. They possess a unique count of services and are now out of the competition in this sphere. Cross-selling connection to those external marketplaces will definitely increase competitiveness of your web store. E-commerce is considered to be one of our major subjects. We have already developed several web stores and succeeded to integrate them into working processes of the companies.

We’ll develop a modern web-shop for you and connect it with your enterprise resource planning system providing their constant synchronization at real time.